Argument Essay: Announcement Guidelines

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7th hour 8th grade 7th hour 8th grade STREAM CLASSMATES ABOUT 7th hour 8th grade Corey Cole Woohoo, no work due soon! VIEW ALL TOPICS No topics Announcement: "Here is the link to a website we are…" Corey Cole Created Jan 17Jan 17 Here is the link to a website we are going to use for grammar. You will doing this on your own for 10 or so minutes, once a week. class code: empty pretzel 44 Add class comment… Announcement: "Post your topic sentence here for your…" Corey Cole Created Jan 10Jan 10 Post your topic sentence here for your argument paper: 26 class comments Ava CannadyJan 10 LGBT+ rights should be allowed because it 's basic rights. Add class comment… Announcement: "Arg. example…"…show more content…
brainstorming. Enter 8 topics that we could write about it. Remember, we are trying to make a change in the world. Add class comment… Announcement: "Answer the following questions about 1…" Corey Cole Created Nov 21, 2016Nov 21, 2016 (Edited Nov 28, 2016) Answer the following questions about 1 topic from the Padlet on a new Google Document called "Arg. Pre-Write": Argument Paragraph Pre-Writing 1.Begin with evidence. In your Google Doc, write down everything you know about your chosen topic. (facts, statistics, reasons, details, anecdotes, experience, observations) 2.Notice which pieces of your evidence are factual and which are anecdotal. You might need to balance this out later in the drafting process. 3.Examine your evidence. What does the evidence tell you? What is your opinion about this topic based on the evidence you recorded? Write a draft of your debatable claim in your Writer’s Notebook. 4. Write a rough draft of your argument without any evidence from the internet. Just prove your debatable claim in your own

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