Argument Essay: Conforming To A Social Norm

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Conformity is a common topic in modern debates. Some argue that most individuals attempt to conform to a common societal norm or attitude. Others claim that liberal, diverse, and unique ideas are encouraged now more than ever. Both sides often make the claim that individuals who simply agree to fit in are not usually smart. Additionally, individuals who challenge the norm and think outside the box are often quite intelligent. However, it is more complicated. The truly smart individuals can absolutely agree to the norm, or they can disregard it and decide upon their own new ideas. It is more important for these individuals to think and ponder on ideas before deciding upon them. In this situation, the outcome of a mental decision is redundant, but the thinking process beforehand is what makes a person intelligent. Packing for a long camping trip requires true intelligence and critical thinking. One can imagine a hundred mile hike through the Rocky Mountains, a sixty mile paddle through Canadian lakes, or a trek through the Florida Everglades to reach the open Gulf of Mexico. All trips take immense planning, and each adventure requires food, water, gear, clothing, and various utensils in order to reach each destination successfully and safely. A complete idiot might see a commercial about camping and…show more content…
At the same time, I have chosen many times to procrastinate about a project. Either way, I end up with a completed assignment. The assignment itself does not make my grade, for in either situation I have a completed assignment. My grade depends on the effort and work that I put into my projects. In the same way, two people can reach the same decision simply by chance. The end result of any two actions does not necessarily matter, but what distinguishes one result from the other is the level of skill, effort, and passion that is administered to reaching the end
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