Argument Essay: Flowers For Algernon

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Griffin G. Norvell Putman Hour 4 15th November, 2016 Argument Essay Charlie Gordon was a 38 year-old man with a below average IQ of 68. His teacher for reading, writing, grammar, math, and other subjects, Mrs. Kinnian, had told Charlie's doctors about him. They had asked to meet Charlie, and ran a few tests with him. They talked about an experiment to help Charlie triple his IQ to 204. There were many side effects, but the doctors had told Charlie. Charlie happily agreed, unknowingly running to his doom. Charlie's doctor's had acted unethically when they had preformed the operation to increase Charlie's intelligence. Charlie's doctors, Dr Strauss and Dr Nemur, had failed to fully examine the effects the operation would have on Charlie. This is because they hadn't shown enough concern to tell Charlie how he would function both during and after the operation. In "Flowers for Algernon," Charlie Gordon is made fun of for his low IQ, but shunned by coworkers during the experiment. After the experiment had been completed, it was near impossible for Charlie to return to his normal life. "This intellegnce has driven a wedge between me and the people I once knew and loved" (Keyes 72). Charlie also had much trouble returning to his normal life before the surgery, and example is, "I did a dumb thing today I forgot I wasn't in Miss Kinnians…show more content…
The doctors began the operation immediately after Charlie had been allowed to be in the operation. Dr Struass had wanted Charlie to be the first human, and wanted to take it slow. Dr Nemur had rushed the operation wanting to be famous otherwise his wife would leave him. An example was when Charlie writ in his journal about how the only reason Dr Nemur was doing the experiment was because he wanted to impress his wife. From that quote, and some inferencing, the doctors hadn't acted ethically by not telling Charlie everything that could go
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