Argument Essay: Man Rising Cost Of College

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From kindergarten to beyond high school, a majority of adults push students to go to college. The pressure grows for teens. High school students are expected to know what they want to do by their senior year. Today it seems as if college is a teenager or a student’s only option, but they might spend the rest of their lives paying off student debt. There is no doubt that college tuition today is substantially higher than ever before, making future students think twice about whether college is right for them. Students with a sense of direction on what they want with their career seem to have the upper hand on using college for the beneficial education it can provide. In contrast, some students are drawn to college for the wrong reasons such as parties and luxuries. This sometimes effects the outlook of college from beneficial to non-beneficial. Although many see college as challenging educationally and financially, they don’t take into account that college is a stepping stone and gives an advantage to a stable life.…show more content…
Some of the doubts rise from the college facilities, dropout rates, and the cost of attending college. The initial problem is found within college luxuries. Along with that, research shows the lack of support by the government. In Magdalena Kay’s article “A New Course,” she notes that America is in a crisis and has been for over 50 years with no signs of improvement (Kay 36). This wasn’t always the case; back in the 1980’s tuition was much more affordable and could be paid off fairly quickly without having to take out a student loan (Kay 36). In addition those who did take loans were able to find good jobs and pay them off quickly (Kay 36).One must also take into account that college didn’t pay for luxuries such as swimming pools, high class weight rooms, and arcade (Kay 39). Kay also states “The current prices of tuition are approaching the average American’s annual salary” (Kay
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