Argument Essay On Desalination Water

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Might I offer that now would be a good time to build desalination plants powered by LFTR technology that takes advantage of thorium as a potentially cheaper and safer form of nuclear power.

Big-bad Israel seems to be a world-leader in desalination. From what I 'm read they 're pretty close to being "hydro"-independent. Water is easy to obtain from seawater by reverse osmosis or distillation. Not hard at all. With nuclear power plants, anyone near an ocean (or pipeline to an ocean) can have an abundant supply of potable water.
Yes, the world has a water problem. But it has a bigger problem with authoritarianism. Despots and dictators will use this liquid gold to disrupt peace, accumulate power, and force neighbors to submit

Yesterday, nations went to war for land. Today, our conflicts involve energy. And tomorrow, Brahma Chellaney writes, the battles will be about water. The award-winning author believes that Mark Twain was right when he said, “Whisky is for drinking, water is for fighting over.”
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Chellaney contends that the 1967 Six-Day War, for instance, was essentially a struggle for headwaters. Israel, he points out, ended up with control of the sources of the Jordan River, and he notes that Ariel Sharon, in his memoirs, emphasizes the role of water in the conflict. A water war was also hidden in the 1965 fighting between India and Pakistan, in mountainous Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan’s military objective was to take an area where three rivers collected a substantial portion of their flows. In all, the United Nations counts thirty-seven cases of water-related violence between nations since the end of the Second World
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