Argument Essay On Gun Control

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Gun Control
The debate over stronger gun-related laws has been brought up by the recent Parkland High school shooting in Florida. It has also been brought up recently because of the high gun violence rates in The United States Of America. Some say that passing more gun purchase laws will be useless because criminals and other convicts will not listen and will find ways to obtain guns. However, gun control is rarely used as self-defense; the aftermath of guns is absolute, undeniable and horrid. Since the Australian gun regulation treaty has been passed it has effectively changed the way Americans should think.

One very important point that some people bring up on the other side of the debate is self-defense. Questions like, “ If I don’t have a gun, how can I protect my family and myself?”, or “What’s gonna happen if the guy has a gun and I don’t?”, appear frequently. But only 0.79% of the usage of firearms out of the 29,618,300 violent gun crimes consisted of self-defense { Planty & Truman }. If you are really worried about not being able to defend yourself without a weapon, tasers work perfectly {Mullins}. There are also many videos on search engines such as Google and Youtube where you can find videos where a speaker teaches some self-defense moves that don’t involve firearms, according to Ziebarth.

More gun control laws will reduce the cost of running gun control campaigns every time a mass shooting occurs {Howell and Abraham}. “According to the Pacific Institute for

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