What Are The Dangers Of Texting And Driving Essay

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Texting and driving Name A prime issue with a majority of drivers today is texting and driving as it causes many problems on the road for drivers and others. Having a phone or any device in front of a driver is a huge distraction, worse than people may anticipate. This is why it is the law to never text and drive, and those who disobey this law will face consequences such as a ticket, license, suspension, and even jail time. Drivers need to understand the importance of keeping devices off or put away while driving and understand that is it for their own safety, no matter how important that one text may be. This essay will give three reasons why texting and driving is dangerous and should not be done and these reasons will show that texting…show more content…
Drivers need to ne a good example on the road because if people who are seeking to get their license see a very good driver doing wrong, they will follow them and do it too. Research and surveys say that most people admit that using their phone while driving is their number one distraction that can bring danger on the road while driving, yet they still do it. No matter how safe, careful, or sneaky one thinks they may be with their phones, accidents can still happen and people’s safety will always be at risk. Teens and young adults already have an addiction to their phones, but seeing someone who has been driving a long time and is a very good driver will just encourage them to use it. In conclusion, texting and driving is a danger on the road towards the driver and the other innocent people proving it to be a safety issue more than a moral issue. It is a safety issue because there are many negative and fatal things that can happen on the road taking people’s lives and good health. It is not a moral issue because a moral issue is only an issue when it is believed to be one. Texting and driving is an overall issue in the world and there are many statistics to prove

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