Essay Against Under The Drinking Age

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Alcohol is arguably the most abusive drug for teenagers. The legal drinking age must remain at 21 years of age because it puts teenagers at risk of making poor decisions. I have no personal experiences with underage drinking so I cannot relate. I have decent knowledge on underage drinking and that is to only drink in environments people can function in. Drinking affects all ages of society and that is why the legal drinking age should be 21 years of age. Since I am interested in why the legal drinking age is 21 years old, I am blind sided by how alcohol destroys many lives. I chose this topic because underage drinking is a problem that all countries face today. Suicide, homocide, and motor vehicle accidents are prime examples of abusing alcohol.…show more content…
Arrest rates increase at 21 years old due to alcohol usage (. Crimes are a perfect example of what alcohol can do to one’s mind. Drinking affects all ages of society and that is why the legal drinking age should remain at 21 years of age. Many people who are against the legal drinking age being 21 years old believe if people can fight for your country they should be allowed to have a drink. They believe this because at 18 years old people are adults at that point. At 18 years old people can vote, smoke, and marry but they cant not drink. Others think they are wrong because at age 18 most kids are still in high school. Not everybody is full matured by 18 years old. Finally brains are still growing at 18 years old so drinking cannot become legal. Another opposition to the legal drinking age is that 21 years old does not stop teenagers from underage drinking, so why keep it at 21 years old? There are so many kids drinking during high school and college when they are under the age of 21 years, they believe that it should be 18 years of age. Kids that believe the drinking age should be lowered are wrong because it just makes school harder for them to achieve at. Also if seniors in high school are allowed to have alcohol that just means underclassmen will
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