Argument Essay On World Hunger

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World hunger is a major problem going on in the world. It is happening all over the world it isn 't just happening in one place. The people that are going through world hunger can not help it. A big part of it is that they can not afford food or it is that they are living in a really poor part of the world where there are not any resources of food. World hunger changes many families lives and it would be awesome if we could be one to make a difference. Just imagine yourself and everyone around you being really skinny and starving. A lot of families all around the world go hungry every day and night of their lives. Just imagine that. A lot more families than you know of go hungry everyday and go hungry to bed every night. Just imagine how sometimes when you do not eat for like two hours imagine going days and weeks without eating. That is around 805 million people who go hungry every single day. Out of everyone that goes hungry sixty percent of the people are going to be women. 2. With sixty percent being women than that leaves the other forty being men that will go hungry everyday on a daily basis. One reason the men do not have as high of a percent is because they dominated in like the job opportunities and things like that which make a big difference. It might not be as fair that women struggle the most, but I guess that 's just how it is in the society. 2. It seems like it is not as fair that women struggle the most but it is that way because the men
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