Argument Essay: People Are Truly Good At Heart

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Argument Essay “In spite of everything I still believe people are truly good at heart.” Anne Frank wrote this quote in her diary. People are truly good at heart. Though sometimes people don’t do the right thing, people are generous towards each other, even during troubling times. People take care of each other and help each other when they need it. When things aren’t good, people try to have an optimistic attitude. People are generous towards each other, even during hard times. Peter says to Mr. Dussel “[You] can have my bed. I can sleep on the floor. I don’t mind” (470). Peter is generous by letting Mr. Dussel take his bed offering to sleep on the ground. If someone who is as young as Peter can let someone else take his bed, then offer to…show more content…
Dussel says, “We’ve all done things we are ashamed of...Stop it now! Let 's all be happy.” This quote reveals that they are trying to be positive and look on the bright side of things.This is an example of how the people are truly good at heart because they are trying to get each other to be positive and try to be optimistic. Mr. Frank says, “It seems strange to say this, as if anyone could be happy in a concentration camp. But Anne was happy in the camp in Holland, where they first took us. After two years of being locked up . . . she could be out . . . in the fresh air, she loved.”(77) Anne was seeing the good in the really awful situation that she was in at the time. This explains how people are truly good at heart because she is trying to reassure herself and others that everything will work out and be ok in the end. Anne says “I think the world is going through a phase, the way I was with Mother. It’ll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but someday . . . “ Despite everything that is happening Anne still believes that it will be over soon and that everything will be ok. This represents how people are truly good at heart because she is being positive and having hope that the situation will get
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