Argument Essay: Reducing College Tuition

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Reducing College Tuition College can either be a rude awakening for some students or it can be an opportunity for higher learning, but the goal is the same: to obtain a higher education and become successful. The purpose of college is to open people’s minds to new thoughts and ideas. Higher education offers knowledge and wisdom, but most of all, it offers experience, which is what people look for and desire when they think about attending college. Unfortunately, there is just one barrier keeping people from obtaining higher education, and that barrier is the price tag of college tuition. The cost of tuition is an incredible problem in today’s education system throughout the United States because it hinders the people who want to go college but cannot afford to do so. The price of tuition is a burden to those who are actually attending…show more content…
In recent years, the economy and job outlook has become super competitive throughout the States. With so many people seeking and applying for the same job, employers can only afford to hire a very small amount of people. As a result, they choose the best qualified applicant, which most likely means the applicant with the highest education. With competition increasing exponentially, it is becoming more and more difficult to find, let alone keep a job. That is why college is a necessity in today’s society. College graduates earn significantly more in their lifetime compared to those who only have a high school diploma. By having the government in aid to help reduce the cost of tuition, more people will have access to a college education. If more people have college educations, they will have a chance at higher paying jobs. This could also help the economy because if people have better jobs, they have more money, which results in spending, and more spending will result in economic
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