Argument Essay: Should College Students Get Paid?

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Since college tuition and student debt keeps spiking every year, people wonder if its worth it to go and that is an enormous challenge students and parents are facing in today 's time. To change the minds of parents who say college burns holes in their pockets and students who won 't go because they don 't want to get a summer job for the next four or so years to pay off college, I say show they money, literally. If only students knew from a young age, like 13, that they should start searching for scholarships and parents knew how much scholarship money is out there, then people would realize college doesn 't have to be expensive. So say a kid named Barry who 's an 8th grader was given a presentation at his school presented by the collage board of his state, say Maine, about all the different types of financial help there is. Now Barry gets this idea that he should start looking for scholarships and applying for grants because it is never too early to do so (in some cases). He tells his parents and his parents do some research and they too try and see what they can do. People should know years before they or their kids start college how to get "free" money.…show more content…
College is worth it because college has a high return as an investment, learning is always worthwhile, and if money is what you want then money is what you 'll because college graduates make more
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