Argument Essay: Should People Move To Mars?

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Many scientist are now saying that people could possibly live on Mars, but of course there are always 2 sides to a story. My personal opinion on the topic is that we don 't need to move to Mars because life on Earth is just fine right now. I also believe it would not be a good idea because it would be too expensive, there are many health hazards, and we don 't have good enough technology yet. Firstly, I think that we should stay on Earth because it would be too expensive. According to source 6, this is a huge problem because it is not fair to the people who are still on Earth.First off if it was funded by the U.S. this would hurt our debt problem. Next, people 's taxes would be higher in order for us to fund the project, which is really not…show more content…
Secondly, humans were made to live on earth and nowhere else. According to source 4, it says that there is a great deal of health hazards. For example the sample stats that "bones and muscles get weaker", which means that by the time we get to Mars, it would be harder to survive because we would be too weak to work. It also says in source 5 that "this magnetic field helps protect life on Earth from deadly forms of space radiation". This means that it 's not a good idea to leave Earths atmosphere because your could get exposed to deadly radiation. It also states in source 4 that your optic nerve can swell from 0 gravity. Finally, we don 't have good enough technology yet. this is scary because if you get stuck in space with a defective spaceship your in trouble. Source 2 says this will require "improvement in spacecraft and other technology". It also says that it will require 44 metric tons of weight to land on Mars and N.A.S.A. has only been able to land 1 metric ton at a time. I personally think it 's not a good idea to go to space in a spaceship that you cannot trust. In conclusion I would not want to risk the chance of living on Mars. Right now I am perfectly happy with life on Earth and see no reason in fixing something that is not broken. Due to the fact of it being to expensive, there are many health hazards, premature technology, there is just no need to go to Mars
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