Argument For Assisted Suicide

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Assisted Suicide:
Is it compassionate to permit assisted Suicide?
80 percent of assisted suicides are not chosen by the patient(Balkin 1). “Instead of embracing PAS [Physician Assisted Suicide], we should respond to suffering with true compassion” (Anderson 1). Assisted suicide is when doctors prescribe a lethal medicine called euthanasia to a patient. They do this because patients, or someone choosing assisted suicide for the patient, can see no other options but death. It is not compassionate to permit assisted suicide because many patients do not choose assisted suicide for themselves, doctors can make irreversible mistakes, and we should be focusing on improving the lives that patients already have.
Many patients do not choose assisted suicide for themselves. The law for assisted suicide “endangers those who are the least capable of defending themselves” (Smith 1). Some people who go through with assisted suicide are not actually capable of making that big of a decision. It is not compassionate to allow someone to have assisted suicide who is unable to see the reality of the fate they are choosing. In addition, not all of the patients have the ability or the brain capacity to actually understand assisted
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If a patient’s doctor says no to the assisted suicide, it is easy for the patient to find another doctor who will allow it. This is corrupting medical practice. To show true compassion, we need to tell them they are not alone, and offer them help and kindness. Permitting assisted suicide is not compassionate because it generally is not the patient’s choice. Doctors can be wrong, and it is better to offer a patient help than to let them die. The thesis has been proven because facts and research has been shown from four reputable sources. The topic question was justified with the research cited. We need to figure out how to make lives better, not how to kill (Irvine
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