Argument For Atheism

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The philosophy of religion addresses not only the most important question: Is there a god? It also answers the questions of: If so, what is he like? ; What does that mean for us? There are three main sides to this argument. First being theism which states that god does exist. Secondly, there is atheism which states that god does not exist. Lastly, there is agnosticism which states that it’s unclear that god does or does not exist. You would think if you don’t have enough evidence for god’s existence, it would be a good idea to go with the argument of agnosticism. However, there is sufficient evidence to prove that argument unsound. I will defend atheism because of all the evil that is prevalent in the world. The argument for agnosticism goes…show more content…
I follow the argument like this: God is defined as omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent. If god is all knowing, he knows that evil exists. If god is all powerful, he can prevent evil from happening. If god is perfectly good, he wants to prevent evil. Evil exists in the world by disease or famine to name a few. God must not know about evil, cannot prevent it, or does not want to prevent it. Therefore, god does not exist. J.L. Mackie wrote Evil and Omnipotence detailing the atheist view. He furthers this view by suggesting that in looking at this you have to say that good and evil are the exact opposites of each other in the same way as “red” and “non-red” are the exact opposites. He mentions that if something is red, and there is something else that exists, then what the other must be is either red or non-red. But, he also believes that the idea of everything having its own logical opposite is only a construction in our mind and that there is no reason that God would have had to create an opposite for good. Using the red/non-red analogy and saying that something is red does not imply that non-red things would have to exist. In this way you could say that just because good exists, non-good, or evil, does not necessarily have to
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