Describe The Holy Spirit

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1. Explain the difference between the way Irenaeus and Tertullian approached the doctrine of the Trinity and the way the Cappadocians did so. (3pts)
• The Irenaeus believed that the Holy Spirit was with God before the creation. He described the Holy Spirit (identification of wisdom) and the Son (word) as the two hands of God. He uses this metaphor to explain God’s work. They don’t perform the same work but their work completes each other.
• Tertullian argued that the Son and Father are the same substance and that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father through the Son. In the example that he gives in how the father and the son are the root and three, the Holy comes to be like fruit. Each one of them has their own properties but belong
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Within the Divinity, each of the three people has different roles, and each has different roles in relation to the world, although some of the roles cross each other

5. What are the two ways in which the New Testament writings describe the Holy Spirit? (Johnson pages 220-222)? When you think of (or talk about) the Holy Spirit which of the two do you tend more towards? What do you think has contributed to that? (4pts)
• Johnson describes the Holy Spirit in two forms. The form of power that works in humans’ heart. Also according to the Bible, the Holy Spirit is seen as a person. From the Bible, we can know that the Holy Spirit is indeed a Person because He has a mind, emotions and a will. The Holy Spirit thinks and knows.
• I think about the Holy Spirit in both ways. The Holy Spirit is a person with power or force in action. Micah 3: 8 Luke 1:35. I see the Holy Spirit as a person with the power to work in people’s heart.
6. Evaluate Johnson 's opinion that "...frugality in belief is a virtue, and ...the creed is generally virtuous that way" (Johnson p. 228). (3pts) In Johnson 's assessment, what statement in the Nicene creed departs from this virtue and what unfortunate event resulted from it?
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