Difference Between Expert And Disagreement

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Upon first reading this question, I thought I needed to define some keywords which have unclear meanings. These words are “disagreement”, “fact” and “expert”. Especially, the word “disagreement” may have completely two different meanings. First, it has the meaning of refuting the other person’s idea and the second one is discussing on different ideas and reaching a better understanding of the subject. In this way, this word may imply that the disagreements negatively or positively affect the accumulation of information and progress in a discipline. A thing that is known and proved to be true is defined as a fact. Thirdly, expert is someone who is qualified in a specific area. This qualification may be by a diploma from a university, otherwise a person may know a lot about a subject, but he may not be regarded as qualified. As to access to the same facts means that having information about same events equally. If this is provided to the experts, the only way that they could reach different views on the same fact is by having different interpretations. Based on this information, I will explore the ways in which there may be disagreements between experts in a discipline in history and natural sciences. In…show more content…
A scientist commenting on the results of an experiment and a historian explaining connections between historical events both use reason and since reason is subjective, they find different results or produce different explanations on the same facts. The same applies to imagination. Imagination contributes to formation of different explanations on the same facts because in both areas of knowledge, when enough information is not provided for the production of knowledge experts use their imagination to produce knowledge. The disagreements caused by the usage of the ways of knowing emotion, imagination, sense perception and reason may be destructive or beneficial for the progress of the

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