The Benefits Of Torture

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My topic of discussion for this paper is, is it ever permissible to torture a person? This argument will include both the main argument and the counter argument. This argument is meant to be inductive. In this finial paper, I will ultimately be defending the position against using torture because the use of torture is not only illegal, but it is not effective and it treats people as less to nothing. Torture is longed age practice and still so to this present day. The word torture has been fine toned into words like interrogation, just to hide its true meaning of evil. No matter how this word has been changed over the years, it still doesn’t make it right. Torture is intentionally inflicting severe pain and dehumanizing someone to gain information.…show more content…
Conclusion: Therefore, it is permissive to torture a person
This argument is inductive because all premises are true. The premises are strong and valid, they support the conclusion. From the main argument premise 1 is true as the United Nation draws awareness on torture to form an Act against torture in the United Nation Convention Against Torture 1984 (OHCHR), if not for any reason, I stand against torture for this reason.
In premise 2, this is said to be true because torture in all cases don’t result to any useful information. Looking back, the use of torture has not yield any solution at least, there is no 100% prove it does. There are other means of extracting information than the use of torture. Those that are been tortured can give any information to avoid been tortured, torturers are sure that they can’t get the correct information they need; hence the act
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Most of these are the Geneva Convention of 1949, the American Convention on Human Rights of 1977, the international convention on civil and political Right of 1977, The United Nation convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment of 1988, the lists go on. Torture has, without a doubt gained increasing attention over the years, this is to show that not only is torture wrong, but it is evil. Amongst all, torture damages the reputation of the constitution and what it stands for.
If torture was the answer or solution for wrong doers, then there wouldn’t be need for torture in the first place. This subsequently means that torture isn’t an effective means to get information. Torture has internationally been criticized and the long-term effect it has on victim, which has been medically and scientifically proven, the wrongness makes it evil and
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