Synthesis Essay On Daylight Saving Time

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The argument of daylight saving time’s worth is one that has sparked controversy all over America. Some think that daylight saving time should be eliminated because it holds no value in society; however, others believe that it does good for the citizens of earth. People keep arguing back and forth, with the help of substantial evidence from both sides, and a clear winner has not been claimed. While some may argue that daylight saving time is doing more harm than good, it is beneficial in several ways. Daylight saving time moves the standard time back/forward one hour, and in the process, decreases the amount of electricity being consumed. When more light is available in a day because of DST, people can increase their time spent outside (Source C). It is known that the more exposure to the outside world, outside of office buildings and…show more content…
It is true that DST can result in trouble “adjust[ing],” but this is only true for about a week (Source E). Of course, every person’s adjustment period is different, but recent studies suggest that it takes, on average, one day to get used to one hour of change. Again, not every person conforms to this average, but a majority do. Not to mention, if one goes to bed one hour earlier, while not a perfect solution, it can condition the body to adapt to the new sun schedule. Moreover, once our body adapts, the extra light has the potential to boost the overall health of the body. Sunlight, in certain quantities, rejuvenates the skin and releases chemicals in the body that makes a person feel better. If someone feels better, they are more likely to stay outside, which tires them, and sleep will come easier and earlier— effectively adapting to the new schedule. Overall, the added hour of sunlight, after adapting, will be little different than what the standard time schedule
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