Argument On Doomsday Argument

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A doomsday argument, originated by Brandon Cater, encourages the belief that the human race will end fairly soon because otherwise we should be unusually early human being. It approximately calculates the number of humans to be born in the future on the basis of number of humans born till the date. This essay elaborates the history and development of Doomsday argument. Since the argument is probability based, therefore it had faced many objections and gone through various controversies. A set of assumptions are made for presenting this argument, which are also being discussed here. Essay also contains the mathematics used for presenting this argument which mainly includes Bayes’ theorem, principle of indifference, SSA reference class and some common mathematical probability.
How close we are to the end of human species? Is the reason nuclear explosion or climate change or something else? What if you let to know that there is a mathematical way of addressing doomsday, which is fully based on probability and had nothing to do with climate change or nuclear attack. Doomsday is (in religious beliefs) the last day of the world’s existence.
Doomsday argument is a statement of reasoning that seeks the answer of a simple question that, what is our birth rank in the total humans born so far. Doomsday argument is a probabilistic argument that claims to predict that total numbers of human that will ever exist on earth are estimated by the number of humans born
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