Argumentative Essay On Gender Pay

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There are currently a number of various social inequalities that face our society today. Most of today 's issues have to deal with racial inequality. One issue we have faced in our nation for several decades is gender inequality, more specifically the gender pay gap. In an article released by American Enterprise Institute (AEI), There really is no “gender wage gap.’ There’s a ‘gender earnings gap’ but ‘paying women well’ won’t close that gap, by Mark Perry argues why the gender pay gap doesn’t matter. In another article by CQ Researcher, Women and Work, written by Michelle Johnson disagrees with Perry and that women need to be paid the same as men. While discussing the argument over the gender pay wage gap, Johnson and Perry have used rhetorical…show more content…
In an interview with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, she states that there “female senior managers [ a high professional and management jobs] are paid less than male senior managers it’s that there are fewer female senior managers than male.” she also states that “this hugely skews those average figures like the 77 cents per dollar that are bandied about (Perry).” Sandberg tries to prove with this fact that the reason that there 's a pay difference is due to the fact that there are not enough females holding high enough positions to reinforce the pay gap. Within Mark Perry’s article, he believes that there is no gender wage gap, rather a gender earnings gap. Perry provides twenty different gender gaps that reflects gender difference in the market, his examples help prove why gaps are generally favored towards men. This helps him explain why men earn higher incomes on average than women. These facts make you think about how some men put their lives at risk by working in the cold or working with life threatening things. While they do risk more they made that choice, and some women do the same thing as
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