Argument On Gun Shootings

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As the amount of school shootings increase rapidly, the entire country is divided on the stance of the gun issue outbreak. While the number of mass shootings is still increasing throughout the country, the total number of shootings have raised to 18 in the first 45 days this year. In hopes to make a change Dick’s Sporting Good made an announcement that they’re refusing to sell assault-style rifles and revised their procedure to legally sell a firearm to a customer in hopes to start the change that this country desperately needs. While there is no evidence that these numbers will stop spontaneously, the government is being tested by the people to take a close glance at revising the second amendment. The ad “It’s Still Not Guns” by Michael Reagan unsuccessfully demonstrates gun violence but has the right intentions to obtain an arousal from parents…show more content…
This comic is unsuccessful due to the lack of hard evidence. By just looking at the comic the author is saying that shooters aren’t being diagnosed. When the shooter isn’t diagnosed the author wants us to interpret this as if they’re going to end up shooting something. However, this isn’t true at all and there is no real evidence saying that they will. Also, there is no logic communicated to us why the individual had to go to the extreme to get attention drawn to them. They simply didn’t commit the crime solely based on an illness entirely we have to assume there is more to the situation. In the end, Reagan does have the right interest and successfully argues the dogmatism fallacy. Absolutely there is no debate about wanting our children to be safe in their environment. Wanting to protect our children isn’t a choice, in fact, it is necessary to protect them from the evil as long as possible. It’s not okay to let our children think these actions are being accepted as the new
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