Argument On Human Nature

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Human nature, which is an inborn characteristic which guides the way of thinking and attitude, can be shown by behaviors of people. Some people may show compassion towards the needy and some may just ignore the one who is in need, these actions can show good and bad human nature respectively. Behaviors of people may have some variations, for this reason, nature of human has been disputed for a long time. One of the arguments was Xunzi who claimed human nature is bad as people are born with desires. Also, goodness could be regarded as a kind of deliberate effort (Week 3 Lecture - Mengzi & Xunzi). This essay will agree with Xunzi and argue that human nature is bad intrinsically. This argument will be supported by tendency to maximize private benefits, reaction of humans when facing temptation and ambition to win others. Furthermore, an argument about children are born with love and care will be included.

To begin with, people try to maximize their own benefits as they are self-interested and they want to get as many things as they can. Xunzi believed that people are born to seek profits and they treasure chances that enable them to earn (Week 3 Lecture - Mengzi & Xunzi). A study conducted by Georgia State University in a form of playing games of exchanging economy revealed that people would willing to accept benefits and they would try to refuse getting disadvantaged in an unfair game (Lamichhane, Adhikari, Brosnan & Dhamala, 2014). It shows that people want to have more
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