Summary Of Procrastination Or Contemplation By John Rampton

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Everyone has put that assignment of until the night before it is due. But what causes them to do it? The author John Rampton in the article “Procrastination or Contemplation? Why procrastination Will Rule The Business World.” mentions that leaving assignments to the very last minute isn’t bad at all , in fact it makes people more focused, work faster and encourages them to be more productive. Despite the author believing that procrastination can be beneficial and mentioning some strong and valid ideas, He doesn’t provide good arguments and there were logical fallacies and weak evidence.
It’s in our human trait to delay tasks that will make us mentally think or physically work. We procrastinate because it’s in our biological nature. There is a scientific reason behind procrastination, Part of the brain structure, the limbic system, contains the center responsible for pleasure while another portion of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, is responsible for planning and making decisions. The limbic system dominates the prefrontal cortex at often
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Another statement he mentioned “Recent studies…”. He didn’t provide the readers with enough information about this study. However, according to a recent study conducted by two researches David Arnott and Scott Dacko, whom assigned a number of university students, 504 from first year and 273 third in business school. Of the 777, 86% of the students who waited until the very last day to submit their papers earned a lower score than the ones who admitted it earlier. They concluded that people who submitted their papers every hour that would pass getting closer to the deadline, the grades would drop

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