Argumentative Essay On Religious Experience

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The religious arguments precisely mean that experiences are part of religion and contribute towards ups and downs of faith, achievement and doubts. The religious experiences are ones which are connected to God or God’s action.
The religious experiences are divine according to some philosophers and therefore God Exists. These experiences are on the whole similar to perceptions or also taken as vertical and further more they show world accurately according to some philosophers these religious experiences are similar to each other.
These experiences are concerned with three topics.
1) “Similarly between religious experiences and how do they support the existence of God?
2) What philosophical problems are there that these experiences can give us knowledge about God?
3) Is there alternative explanation for experience?”
William James described religious experiences as the heart of every religion. He further stressed the religious teachings, practices and attitudes comes secondly. In true sense the experiences are mainly the true religion.
• “James analyzed forms of experience including conversion, prayer and saintliness
• He viewed conversion as a transformation from a divided or imperfect self (unhappy, conscious of being wrong) to a more unified
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Secondly William James confidently claims that religious experience has real effects upon us and since God is real, so the produces real effects. William James mainly says that we know god mainly by the types of effects produced by him .such as “a zest for life, the predominance of love, the sense that there is something wrong with us without God.” Or we may also say that God is not the Spiritual side of
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