Advantages Of Secular Ethics

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Secular ethic is a branch of moral philosophy in which ethics is based on human sense such as logic, reason or moral intuition, and not derived from purported supernatural revelation or guidance (which is the source of religious ethics). So, basically, secular ethics is based on believe that the morality comes from its own and not by the God. People believe that without religion they also can be a moral person.
The first argument that support secularism is it is hard to prove the existence of supernatural. Plus, there is a lot of argument stated that the there is no God which is stronger than those who support that God exist. For example, Edward Tabash (n.d), argue the existence of supernatural like God and ghost. He point out a few arguments
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In other words, God cannot be seen and people cannot see the prove of the existence of God. People believe that everything happen is because what we are and not originated from God. It is also difficult to rationally understand such existence and logical argument is also impossible because mainly these categories are remains unproven. Since people do not believe that morality comes from God, they also do not believe that the rule are comes from God. They might use the rule and change it according to their own interest. Because of that, people believe that the rightness and wrongness does not have any relationship to God wills since the existence of God cannot be…show more content…
They are confused what the best religion can be the basis of human ethics. Most of the religions are discuss about ethics. So, there are many conflicting ethical statements concerning various issues as there are many interpretations from various religions. Some people who not believe the religion argue about do people without religion are excluded from moral consideration. They examine, not only people who believe the religion have morality in their human being. Sometime, people without religion also can do the ethical conduct and have moral value in their behavior. So, religion is most important to our life as a guideline to action in ethical manner. The best religion is when there are discuss about moral principle in whole
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