Argument On Standardized Testing

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A truly inspiring woman once said, “If my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn't be here. I guarantee you that”(Obama). This quote is an excellent example of how even a person so high up in the political world can disagree with the ways of standardized testing and she is Michelle Obama. Even she can admit that if her career was decided on what percent she got on a standardized test she would not be where she is today. In the future if kids just keep believing the test score they get on these tests is what they truly will be then they are definitely not reaching their full potential. Kids often believe that these test scores will decide their future but that is hardly the truth. If these kids really…show more content…
Schools should not be teaching them how to fill in bubbles on a test and brain washing them that these scores will make or break the rest of their lives. Standardized testing should be cut down in schools across America in grades k-12 since they cause easy avoided stress over the grades, they do not improve students abilities, and the system used is harmful to education. The stress caused by these standardized tests can be really easily avoided. The problem with this is that students tend to obsess the letter grades they get on the tests and they obsess too much to the point where they disappoint themselves and their parents if the get a bad grade on the tests. Testing should never be this way, but it still is and we are not doing anything about it. An example would be, “A high-stakes standardized test is precisely that thing that causes the threat. So a student who can do excellent on the same test if it's not told that this is a standardized test will underperform on the same test if he's told that it's…show more content…
This is a good point and it is awesome to have easy accessible grades but this only proves our laziness to put easy to read grades over meaningful and truthful ones. If the grade that you see is the true representation of the understanding and knowledge on that topic then it is definitely a worthwhile one. “Proponents argue that standardized testing is the most efficient method of assessing the performance of students and institutions and of maintaining the quality of education.”(Standardized testing).Standardized testing may be the most proficient and the best looking test scores but that does not mean that they are the best for the students and how the teachers teach the students on the topic. These testing methods often sways teachers just to teach according to what’s going to be on the test but this is not good because there is much more understanding outside of the test. Sometimes tests only show a small portion of what is being teached and don’t truly test kids on their understanding but what they can pick from a little multiple choice bubble. “Tests were used in ancient China, Greece, and Rome to determine fitness for public and government service. Many early testing systems attempted to evaluate reading and writing abilities as well as qualitative characteristics such as creativity. Attempts to codify testing procedures eventually made it
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