Argument Over School Uniforms: Pros And Cons

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School uniforms pro or con , this controversial subject has been going on for a while arguing it takes away students self of expression or whether it helps establish a better learning environment. Which one truly is the best option for the future of our students and which one can truly maximize their potential for a better learning environment as well as the safety for them when they go to school, these thoughts are key points in when discussing the argument over school uniforms Starting with the pro side, school uniforms themselves have many upsides to them such as eliminating visible economical differences, which can be very helpful to diminishing bullying that is caused by a person's social/economical status, another upside would include…show more content…
I also believe it could help build character ,give self discipline, and even give yourself a sense of responsibility which can a big step into becoming a adult and a fully functioning member of society. I don't see the downsides of school uniforms because clothes are clothes , they shouldn't be able to represent who you are and what you stand for, sure it can help express who you are to the world but it definitely should not represent who you are as a whole. And as for the costly situations, school uniform attire could be purchased from establishments such as goodwill,salvation army, and/or any thrift store. Some parents believe that they are too good for these stores, but should parents believe that their pride is more important than their child's education if so, then they definitely do not have their priorities in the right order. There are many means of fixing these problems its just a means of actually pursuing them, thats what will actually
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