Argument Speech: Mexican Border Security Policy

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Argument Speech: Mexican Border Security Policy “It was a cold December morning waking up finding my dad watching the news, I sat down and witness how far Mexico has fallen. Officials have uncovered weapons, drugs, and secret tunnels. I could listen to my dad cursing because this has brought the fall of a once beautiful used to be country and now it only looks like the place where criminals can roam around free. The reason we came to the U.S. was because of the mischiefs of many people finding a way to survive trying to make money on whatever they could find that was all you could think of over there. I thought to myself at that moment bless be the people in the Southern border that have risked their lives to protect the U.S. from the people that would like to destroy and ruin this beautiful country.” “Good morning my fellow colonists” We have asked, we have prayed, we have remonstrated, we have supplicated to the people to unite and end the criminal activity once and for all at the Mexican Border. We must try and stop the criminals that are running amok throughout the nation by increasing security. The Mexican Border Security Policy has protected…show more content…
The community or the world can help each other, every accomplishment begins with a step and working as a group can be the first step to take. Helping each other can demonstrate the power we have, to show that we can be the future of the country and the salvation of future generations. An example of smart security is the Border Enforcement Security Taskforce (Best) they share the activity of criminals and try to destroy their ambitions of trafficking. The ones that cooperate with each other include U.S. federal, state, and local law enforcement with Mexican law enforcement these people can help one another to realize the dream of someday to make a much safer border and
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