Argument Summary: Is It Wrong To Watch Football?

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In February, Super Bowl 50 took place in San Francisco and a total of 114.4 million people in the US watched the game. All 114.4 million people watched these players health degenerate after each big hit that we praise. People are now starting to see the horrific injuries and trauma that come from the sport that can draw 114.4 million people to it and some of these people are boycotting the NFL. The top 10 most watched sporting events this year through July 13th were all NFL games. The NFL is a giant and it does not seem like they can be brought down. Even in 2005 when Bennet Omalu discovered C.T.E., a progressive degenerative disease that arises from brain and head trauma that kills brain cells, the NFL was able to ignore the claims and evidence…show more content…
On the discussion summary for “Is It Wrong to Watch Football?” the summary uses a player named Antwaan Randle El and states that he regrets ever playing football due to the long term damage done to his body from football. Latria Graham, a writer for various media outlets, brings up the name Chris Borland. Borland was a linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, who retired at the age of 24 due to the concern of his health and many players have followed in his footsteps. The NFL should not have players retiring from the league in the prime of their career due to concern of health. Actions such as Borland’s expose the lack of trust and belief in the league some players may have for the NFL to keep their health…show more content…
Some of these people like Eric Buchman have stopped watching football due to the violence and realizing the harsh reality of the sport. He has had a change of heart, he states as “The thrill of watching a player get up after a big hit has been replaced with the concern that he’s unknowingly suffering permanent brain damage – damage the N.F.L. has gone to extreme lengths to cover up. “While, people like Buchman have stopped watching the game they have once loved because of the realization of the negative affect in the player’s health, some people have boycotted the league to make the league realize its

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