Every Act Of Destruction In Frankenstein Essay

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“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” The famous painter, Pablo Picasso once said this and its meaning can be further understood in various manners through this passage of Frankenstein. This quotation could allude to the idea that in order to create his monster, Frankenstein destroyed his innocence by making such a monstrous beast. However, it can also suggest that in producing this monster, Frankenstein destroyed all chances of future happiness in his life. This phrase thus hides behind its simplistic form, an underlying promise of misery that can be further perceived in this passage by the bitterness and anger of the monster’s tone in the comparison of himself to man. He explores the differences in these two natures and in their…show more content…
A comparison between Adam, “a perfect creature, happy and prosperous, guarded by the especial care of his Creator” and him, who was “wretched, helpless, and alone”. The differences in their conditions arises a feeling of pity in the reader as the use of the words “helpless” and “alone” create a feeling that all the monster wants is company and to be guided in this world. This impression is heightened by the description of Adam who himself is “guarded by the especial care of his Creator” thus accentuating the solitude of the other, whose creator “turned from me in disgust”. The term “disgust” also communicates a feeling of resentment as the idea that the fiend himself knows how horrid he is and understands that that is the reason his creator turned on him. An impression of jealousy is also communicated This can be felt through this narrative as the beast exclaims his creator as “accursed” and declares the day when he was created as being “hateful”. His acrimony for being created as he is, or possibly for having been created at all is enhanced by the strength and power that emanates from these two words thus heightening the impact on the
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