Argumentative Analysis: Daniel Matthews's Competition

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Daniel Matthews Our first competitor, is a sixth grade math whiz who will show case his Einstein-skills, in this competition. This smartys name is Daniel Matthews, and is twelve years old. Daniel is hoping to conquer this challenge using his unusual talent. Also, he is excited to make new friends, on his first time on a television show. He also can’t wait to start this amazing, once in a lifetime event that he will look back on for the rest of his life! Daniel Matthews has a great future but, he also has already had many accomplishments under his belt. Daniel also know as Dan, was born on January 21st, 2004 in Wichita, Kansas. Matthews, has lived here all his life and would love to become a mathematician when he grows up and is well on his way to becoming whatever he puts his mind to in the future. Some of the accomplishments he has already been decorated with is several first place finishes in local math competitions where he was in the high school…show more content…
William Bradford William Bradford is a politician that would be a great fourth competitor for this competition. William would be a great addition because he is a great talker and would make the other members mad and add controversy for the audience to enjoy. He also believes that all of his years in school and his hard work at his job will apply to this event. Bradford also thinks that he would be a great addition because of how knowledgeable and how he thinks that he”s better than everyone else. This character will definitely cause a pain to the other members in this series! William Bradford had his life good from the beginning. William was born on July 27th, 1970 and is now forty-five years old. He was born into a quite wealthy family that lived on a ranch in New York. Later, Bradford graduated from law school and became a politician. Now, he is trying to become the governor of his home state of New York. This politician is now hitting it big and is now adding a television show to his already impressive
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