Argumentative Analysis Of Romeo And Juliet

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Pastor Stephen, a man of great eloquence, prayed a simple but beautiful panegyric to commemorate the life of Carrie Fischer.
I used a religious job title as a pastor to help provide context by choosing the word Pastor. Pastor is associated with the act of honoring God through the sharing of his words in worship songs and sermons. The complexity of the word is emphasized through the life of Carrie Fischer. While she starred in several movies, she also let herself go with poor smoking and dieting choices.
***2. Shakespeare’s saccharine play, Romeo and Juliet, illuminates the beautiful story of two star crossed lovers.
William Shakespeare is well known for his heart wrenching plays that captivate his audience. It is through this common knowledge of him that provides context for the sentence. Romeo and Juliet sets a standard of love and sacrifice in a steamy romance through long quotations of desire between Romeo and Juliet. This play is commonly alluded to whenever a passionate romance is at play. Additionally, I used a simple sentence to contrast the few words in the sentence with the abundance of excess in the definition to capitalize the absolute definition in a unique manner.
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It is a battle between love and hate. The subordinate clauses in the sentence emphasize this point by illuminating on the stark contrast between Harry and Voldemort. Additional context is provided with the descriptions of Lord Voldemort being depicted so negatively as angry, evil, and unjust; therefore, with all the context combined, it is no surprise that the magic Harry and Voldemort channel individually opposes the other. Harry with spells and Voldemort with curses. The Greek and Latin root “precari” meaning to beg, emphasizes the cruelty that is Voldemort’s nature, people would do anything to be spared from his torturous
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