Argumentative Analysis Of The Secret History

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The Odd One Out An argumentative essay on Donna Tartt’s ‘The Secret History’ Everyone can remember their life during high school and college, a time in which fitting in with a group is often all that mattered. You did not want to be the one that does not belong to a group, the so-called outsider. In the original group of Greek students in Donna Tartt’s The Secret History, there is one character that does not fit in with the others, going by the name of Edmund (Bunny) Corcoran. This argumentative essay argues that being the odd one out was the reason why Bunny did not live to tell the tale. From the prologue onwards, Bunny is the odd one out. He is the only one of which the reader knows that he will die during the course of the story. By telling this at such an early stage, Tartt puts the reader’s focus immediately on him; separating him from the rest of the group of which at that point, we know nothing about. In the plot itself, Bunny is not allowed to join the bacchanal that the group organises. Henry later explains to Richard that they used to perform the ritual with Bunny, but decided to leave him out because he lacks the discipline and devotion, often telling jokes at serious moments during the bacchanal. I couldn’t bear the thought that, after everything we’d done, he’d ruin it at the last minute. And I knew he would. At the crucial moment he’d start to tell some asinine joke and ruin everything. Page 185-186 Bunny’s capabilities as a student are another

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