Argumentative: Culture And Language

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TEFL Midterm Argumentative Essay.

It is by and large agreed that culture and language share a strong relation, since they are closely connected in various areas. Language is commonly used to express one?s thoughts, feelings, and needs. This usually happens with the use of gestures and sounds, which help people to communicate between them and with other cultures and societies. Language can also be seen as an expression of a certain culture and is often used to convey a person?s cultural origins; culture is one?s own knowledge about a particular society as Edward B. Taylor stated in primitive culture: ?culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by Man as a member of society.? This is especially the case of English language, since it is an international language with a quiet defined and various culture. The teaching of English is increasing considerably, and new methods of teaching are emerging. However, teaching this famous language comes with some challenges related to the learner?s cultural identities. Teaching English language with its culture is not necessarily a form of imperialism, but instead it can help increase student?s knowledge and cultural backgrounds.
Some people believe that relating a second language (English) with its culture can drive students away from their native culture. Since any given language could have many effects
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