Argumentative/Discursive Writing Prompts

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Argumentative/Discursive Writing Prompt 2
Speech 1 Due to the backlash of the recent presidential election, I have been prompted to share my opinions on the matter. Before I start, I’d like to acknowledge that I don’t fully support this nominated president’s ideals- I do, however, feel that they have the potential to bring a positive change to our country. Firstly, I’ll start out with a story. Ever since I was young, my father would share with me little bits and pieces of politics. How he agreed with what was happening, how he disagreed- of course, I was too young to understand, but I still enjoyed it. He always told me that when things seem bad, someone needs to take action, and he’d often mention that those who were being elected for president-
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Growing up, I lived in a diverse school district with a diverse group of friends. Back then, things were simpler, and we didn’t see each other for the color of our skin or for our personal beliefs- we only cared if they were nice to us. I feel that this is the best way to live life, by judging people for their personalities and nothing else. It’s fascinating to me that we lose these values as we get older, and we instead start to view people for nearly everything but their personalities. Nothing about them changed, but our morals changed as we grew up. But why? The color of their skin doesn’t matter. Their gender doesn’t matter. Where they were born doesn’t matter. Who they love doesn’t matter. So why must we discriminate against these things? My biggest fear with this presidential election is that our values will worsen. With the person elected having morally questionable views about these people being the face of our country, how will the youth react? Will the begin to adopt the opinions that many adults of today have, including the person they look up to to lead them? Our elected president will potentially cause a sectional divide across the country, much like leading up to the civil war. Is this not concerning? A nation divided against itself cannot stand. So how can we just accept this as our
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