Argumentative Effect On Body Image

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“Your face, your fate” is a statement that seems to be biased at the first glance, but it in fact applies to the current society. Physical appearance including outfits and body image has become a more virtue component on how people are judged in modern society. Make-up and clothing lessons are full of YouTube and sometimes the toughest problem in a day is to decide what to wear. People nowadays put too much stress on physical appearance that it becomes one of largest factors of eating-related health problems and poor performance in life. The emphasize on physical appearance is the main reason contributing to eating disorders. Thin models occupy the covers of magazines, encouraging people to pursuit size zero body shape. Positive traits like…show more content…
Since more attentions are paid on physical appearance, the poor performance is not surprising. More time are spent on concerning their body image. They spend more time on improving body image so that they can eventually achieve the “ideal” body image in media. This constant exposure to unattainable to ideal body image brings negative effects in the way that of increasing body dissatisfaction. The feeling of insecure and loss of confidence are thus created. Without confidence, one’s ability to perform well in study and work are limited. Students in Finland, America and China, who think they are not thin enough, regardless of their actual BMI, tend to have lower grades comparing to their classmates who are not worried about the problem (Meaghan Ramsey, 2014). It shows that low body satisfaction in fact is impeding students from achieving academic excellence. Therefore, over emphasizing on body image undermines people’s…show more content…
It is undeniable that beauty industries are booming economy, but costs in healthcare and the damage to economy by people’s undermining performance should also be taken into consideration. Beauty industries, which worth millions of dollars, is not so comparable to healthcare systems which cost governments billions. According to The Statistics Portal, the revenue of cosmetic industry reached around 62 billion dollars in the U.S. in 2016. However, the government has spent 591 billion dollars in medical care (Congressional Budget Office, 2016). From the statistics, around 10 times of money are spent in healthcare comparing to the revenue of beauty industry, suggesting that the emphasize on body image does not help with the growth of economy. Putting less emphasize unlocking people’s economic potential, which in turn helps economy. More efforts are put on work, and the improvement of work performance is expected. Thus, less stress on body image would boost economy. In conclusion, emphasizing physical appearance causes the increasing cases of eating disorders and resulting in people’s poor performance in life. Although it seems the reducing of people’s attention on outlooks is doing harm to economy, situations become totally opposite if budgets of healthcare and people’s working performance. It is the time to acknowledge

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