Argumentative Effect On Fast Food

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During the last decade, it was noticed that there was an increase in the habit of eating from outside rather than having healthy home-cooked food. This was mainly because people want the easiest and the fastest way to feed their hunger. As a result, many people became addicted to fast food, which are usually pre-made unhealthy meals prepared by restaurants to serve their customers quickly and raise their profits. It has become an essential part of our life. This issue spread across the nation and it has become a national concern. It is important to stop the extent of it because each one of us wants to live a healthy long life. If we do not consider this issue from now and make a movement, it can seriously affect us in the future. Although some…show more content…
First of all, it causes heart diseases because it develops the blood pressure in the body due to the high level of salt. Moreover, obesity is the main cause of heart diseases, so people who are addicted to fast foods have a high chance to get obese and have a heart disease (“Heart disease and food,” 2015). Fast food intake develops the risk of diabetes, which is diagnosed when a blood sugar is at extreme levels in a human body. It was linked to fast food in terms of high calories, sugar, and highly processed ingredients in the meals which consequently causes weight gaining specifically around the midsection that contributes in a rise of diabetes (Hepler, 2014). Another effect of fast food is the high rate of getting cancer. Andrea Donsky conducted a study that was done by monitoring 486 people with Lynch syndrome for 20 months based on their diet. The research had 4 types of diet such as; vegetable and fruit, fast food and soda, fish and pasta, and the last one with lots of meat and coffee. As a result, people who ate the junk food diet were twice as probable to advance colon tumors and cancer (Donsky, 2013). In addition, fast food has affected children’s growth and development. The development of children needs fruits, vegetables, and milk because they contain a lot of the nutrients that are important for their health. However, if children started eating fast food at an early stage in their lives, it will badly affect their health because fast food has a huge amount of calories, fat, and sugar that will stop their growth and decrease nutrition in their bodies. Although they will get more obese, they will not have the same power and energy that other children who eat healthy food (Yawar & Sultan, 2015). Consequently, children will grow up with unhealthy causing depression and other health

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