Argumentative Effect On Technology

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In this contemporary era, there are so many inventions such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and more which can produce astounding result. Eventually, we can see people holding their smartphones, scrolling all the time. Is it a good phenomenon or otherwise? Yes, we can’t blame them. We are so dependent to the usage of technology that we ourselves can’t comprehend how this originates. Technology really comes in handy, and sometimes it becomes a necessity during this busy and hectic era. In order to improve our technology, we learn a lot to maneuver the technology. But somehow, the technology affects our creativity and communication. Our technology has improved tremendously that it has already affected our creativity. The innovation of the technology has given us a chance to invent some new and astonishing innovations. Smartphones, rockets, spacecraft, computers, robots, and many more have changed our lives due to our creativity. We invent new things which lead to the born of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and AI which is predicted will enhance living styles of people around the planet. Not to mention the modern architecture with new design like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The skyscrapers throughout the world have been built with new patterns due to our creativity nurtured by technology. The robots are built with various motives but they are all born by the advanced of electrical and electronic technology. Dependence of the technology nurtures children

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