Argumentative Essay: A Chance For Hope Scholarship

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The bill is called “A Chance for Hope Scholarship.” For Any single family’s parent who makes under twenty to twenty-five thousand dollars a year and the sole provider for their children’s. The college tuition is less than five thousand dollars for a two-year degree and ten thousand dollars less for a four-year college degree for each child that wants to attend his or her college; in addition, to obtaining a college degree. With a few stipulations that they must be born or live in the United States for more than five years; In addition, to their G.P.A. not falling under a three point zero or less than two point five G.P.A. and they must not miss more than the regular attendance that is necessary for them to master the concepts of the required course that they’re studying for their degree. No excuse. * Attending all exams is a mandatory requirement with limited excuses except for exceptions for any personal emergencies due to any serious or unavoidable event of nature that are beyond an individual control or any school closings due to the nature or natural disaster that affects the county the that they live in. *These are generally limited to, death in the family or any Illness due to any medical conditions; in addition, to any court-ordered appearances,…show more content…
Furthermore, giving a chance for those who are unfortunate or too poor to pay for a two year or four-year college degree. This will give those young kids a chance in a new life and new experience that will take them on a different journey compared to the journey that they would have face without this opportunity; in addition, to wiping out ignorance in today society. This will help give children across the world and opportunity to lift their family out of poverty and contribute to a society and their

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