Argumentative Essay: A War On North Korea

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To the people, politicians, and allies of America, our world knows the impact of war. Our world knows what can come out of arguments in the political universe. Our world knows what it is like to suffer the aftermath of catastrophy. Our world, with all of us together, knows when a threat is imminent. Every continent can feel the cold shiver of fear, and worry, through the tug of war between the United States and our opposing North Korea. The leaders of the north korean people, dwelling in Pyongyang, have not only shown progress in advanced military weapons, but have also shown progress in separating themselves from our goal of universal peace. That, unto me and unto us, is all we need to feel threatened. Therefore, it is on our own responsibilities…show more content…
Threatening with our nuclear weapon technology will send the North Korean people into a state of panic, flooding their masses over the border. Most of the civilians will pour into China, which already has reached it’s highest capable capacity of people. Our mission is to protect those who are innocent, not only of our country, but to those around us. Therefore, it is an utmost approach of mine that the United States does not interfere with the North Korean land with nuclear weapons, but with gestures to a better environmennt for their people. To any opposers of our gestures and mission for peace, I grant the influence of our successful peers to encourage the North Korean people to retaliate against their leader for change. A revolution can be sparked through a drive for this change and can lead to the citizens of North Korea to live in a country not focused on war, but concentrated on growth, expansion, and healthy conditions. There is no need for our power to be shown with bombs, we are the country of the United States, and it is our duty unto us and all other peoples, to protect, to encourage, and to
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