Argumentative Essay: Abolishing The Gender Pay Gap

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It has been almost 100 years since the 19th amendment. That amendment was meant to give women the same rights as men, but why it is that women are still only making 77 cents of the man’s dollar years later? The fact that women with equal skills still make less than men is astounding, but to make matters worse women of color make close to half of a white man’s dollar. The next amendment needs to make non-discriminatory pay mandatory for all employers to insure equality for all. The gender pay gap is nothing new in America. Even though John F Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in 1953, in an attempt to abolish gender based wages, but it has been over 50 years since that act has been in effect and women still make a quarter less than men do. The fight is nowhere near being over with, the National Organization for Women estimate the wage gap will not close until 2058, over 100 years after Kennedy’s Equal Pay Act attempted to abolish the gender pay gap. Women should not…show more content…
While in fact, the wage gap increases as the level of education increases. A woman’s bachelor degree earns only 71.4 % of a man’s salary, and a woman’s graduate degree is worth even less and earns 69% of men with graduate degrees salaries. While in today’s world, students are strongly encouraged to pursue higher degrees to earn more, but for women this is disheartening seeing that the extra effort of pursuing a higher education being unmatched for their efforts. This is the 21st century and America is the land of opportunity, it is pure common sense that hard-working people should receive equal rewards for their efforts. Equal pay has been a concern for over the past 50 years, when all hardworking Americans deserve fair salaries. The Constitution’s purpose is to enforce equal rights to Americans therefore equal pay need to be added as an amendment to ensure equality for

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