Argumentative Essay About 911

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We all have to make difficult choices in our lives. Difficult choices you know are coming, and we all contemplate the consequences of each choice even when deep down we know the answer. However it’s the choices we must make in the blink of an eye, the one choice that you can’t think about. It’s that choice that can show you who you really are. After Zoe found her mom passed out she dialed 911, and then she hung up. She then called Max (their agent who seems to care more about their image and his paycheck than their well being) repeatedly. After he wouldn’t answer she called her aunt, Jane. Luckily Jane managed to talk some sense into her and she called 911. I think Zoe should have called 911 right away rather than hesitating. She shouldn 't have called Max at all, and she should have only dialled Jane after calling 911. In the few minutes that Zoe hesitated her mother’s condition could have worsened. I’m sure there are a lot of variables in Zoe’s life that I didn’t take into account before deciding my opinion. Including their fame, Max’s over controlling policy that she shouldn 't publicise her mother’s condition, and the fact that this has happened before. I can’t stand the constant swirling rumors associated with…show more content…
In the end, every person is different. Zoe might have made a different decision that I would have, but it wasn 't necessarily wrong. I have been a girl scout since kindergarten and I have completed a Red Cross babysitting class. I have been taught to call 911 almost immediately, so of course I wouldn’t have hung up the phone. I would have told the operator all I knew ( her current condition, our address, location in the house, etc.), and then I would leave the line open and wait for the ambulance to arrive. Zoe and I are different people, so it makes sense that I disagree with her decision. However, Zoe’s decision was different it isn’t necessarily incorrect. I don 't know what will happen next but I assume it will end with Zoe returning to
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