Argumentative Essay About Angels

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Angels, faeries, trolls, elves, etc., only believed to be childhood nonsense created by our own dreamlike imaginations (Lambourn 4). Although, seventy-five percent of Americans believe, eleven percent are skeptical and dubious of angels existence; fourteen percent embargo in beliefs whatsoever, eighty-three percent of American teenagers presuppose. In Canada, fifty-six percent of adults say angels exist, nineteen percent are indecisive and unconvinced; in Great Britain, thirty-six percent believe, and eighteen percent are betwixt and in between (Harrison). From the year 2000, to a week after October 27, 2017, multiple sights of flying humans, and some with wings, were reported; approximately fifty-three sightings have been spotted in the year…show more content…
Point in fact, the presence of angels, as claimed by Catholics, were bolstered by media’s roles, whilst cynics are sincere adherents as to why celestial beings are fictional lore and scientific. Celestial beings,depicted in many different ways, is the result of our imaginations. The actual definition of angels is from the Greek word “angelos,” also meaning messenger (Slick). Angels are defined likewise as, “a bodiless, immortal spirit, limited to knowledge and power,” (Carroll). Angels are the closest to man, they announce the lesser intentions of God and how to act before him (Peck). “Angels are usually depicted with wings . . . children. The wings are undoubtedly related to their work as messengers from a god, who lives in the sky,” (Carroll). The wing itself is “to take what is heavy and raise it up into the region above, where the gods dwell; of all things connected with the body, it has the greatest affinity with the divine,” (Lamborn 7) An angel in the forms of younger humans, such as toddlers or babies, are to represent innocence and joy (Stevenson 8). The human faced angels are powerful symbols of angelic feelings. It can show multiple feelings such as love, anger, compassion, humility
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