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What makes the Apple product so popular that people buy it even though it’s expensive? Is it only because it looks beautiful? Is it because the technology it uses? What makes Apple the best from the rest? Apple is currently one of the largest Info-Tech Company in the world. It has taken over the world with its high-tech and futuristic Products, which helped Apple in creating a great Brand Loyalty amongst its customer. The company has various products and services like iPhone, Mac, iPad Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple also uses its own Operating System for its Products like iOS, MacOS. Not only the beauty of the Apple products but they also make your life very easy too. In this Research, we have discussed 3 main points about Apple to persuade, that it …show more content…

Apple is always on top compared to all other leading brands. Apple has many competitors. It alone gives head to head competition to brands like Google, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Samsung. According to data from Counterpoint’s Monthly Market Pulse, “Apple has significantly increased its lead over Samsung in the premium smartphone market ($400+) since the launch of the iPhone 7. Over the summer, Apple was selling just over 50% of the global premium smartphones, and Samsung was selling just under 25%. By December 2016, those numbers had grown to 70% and 17%, respectively” (Mills,2017). The paragraph above shows data of a comparison between Apple and Samsung. Apple retail was increasing over Samsung in the smartphone market. Samsung used to rule the mobile market until Apple started its iPhone series. Even now Samsung is trying to give a head to head competition with its new Note series. But Apple being Apple, think different (Apple's tagline) and released iPhone X to blow out every other phone from the market. Figure 1 tom's guide Google's OnePlus 5T beating Samsung rose on the top but with special feature in comparison to iPhone X which brought lots of new unique features stayed untouchable on the top.

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