What Are The Benefits Of Child Beauty Pageants

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Imagine yourself sitting in the audience of a beauty pageant. You're watching little girls with more makeup on than Kim K walk down the sparkly runway, hoping they’ll win first place and take home the grand prize. Is this really how you want the future generation of girls to be? First of all, “in 1888, the world's first modern beauty contest is thought to have taken place in the small Belgium municipality of Spa”(“World’s First Modern Beauty Pageant”). This shows that beauty pageants have been going on way to long, that no one knows the exact date. Additionally, “The little Miss America pageant began in the 1960s… by 1964 there were over 64,000 participates”(“History of Child Beauty Pageants”). This proves pageants for children automatically became popular. Children should not take part in…show more content…
For instance, “Beauty pageants are beneficial to society because they supply contestants with necessities such as communication, confidence, they foster goals, and teach discipline”(Wickman). But, beauty pageants teach young girls to be competitive. First of all, “The chronic competitiveness of 5- and 6- year olds is often hard for parents to handle” (Levine). If children are already competitive, throwing beauty pageants into the mix isn’t going to make the situation any easier to deal with. Also, “While you’d think pageant parents would know better, ugly rivalries between them often emerge in the competitive field. Instead of fostering a sense if camaraderie between the children, many moms target their child’s biggest competitor with gossip and criticism” (“4 Reasons to Keep Your Daughter Out of Children’s Beauty Pageants”). A child's biggest role model is their parents. So when kids see their mom being disrespectful and rude, they think that it’s okay to act this way. Overall, some people are under the impression that child beauty pageants are beneficial, but really they teach children to be too

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