Essay On Bullying In School

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Bullying is a predominant problem that can cause widespread controversies within all schools from elementary school to big universities. These controversial issues can ultimately hurt the reputation of a school and not to mention the individual who is the victim of this horrible act. In the articles, “Bullying in Early Adolescence”, and “When Good People do Bad things”, theories on both sides are introduced that contradict each other to try to understand the real reason for bullying. Bullying is the violent actions that some people take against others that involves a power imbalance. Bullies usually fall back to three types of bullying Verbal Bullying, Physical Bullying, and Social Bullying. It is very clear that the strongest and most credible theory is the mob mentality theory in which the article, “When Good people do Bad Things” supports.
One of the main reasons why students begin to bully others is because of their desire to fit in. Initially, ‘’Standards of each individual in that group, sweeping otherwise decent individuals into ‘mobs’ that commit looting, vandalism, even physical brutality’’ is stated in the article When Good People Do Bad Things (Article one). This detail supports the claim that kids who bully rarely take responsibility for their actions or consider
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Kids who bully don 't own up to their actions and can bring people 's self-esteem down when you include the fact that they sometimes go a long time without getting caught. When people get together, there are certain things that increase the likelihood of violence, group size being one and physical appearance being the other. Some bullies feel that they can be guarded against consequences for violent behaviors that occur when they are part of a mob because they can hide behind the common line that “everyone was doing it, so I did it to” instead of owning up to the
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