Argumentative Essay About Censorship

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Censorship by definition is the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts. Though a common question that arises is what should really be censored? When has censorship gone to far? Should we continue to censor everything? Censorship goes against our First Amendment rights and negatively influences younger children. We are only hindering younger children when we constantly censor everything that we do. As Blume states in paragraph 9, when she gave copies of her book Margret to her children’s elementary school, the principal decided that they were inappropriate. Why did he decide that? Because of the discussion of menstruation. Along with puberty becoming a dirty word (para. 19). If children don’t know about their own body then they won’t know what will happen during puberty. With that being said, the censorship of nudity shouldn’t be as much. If people are ashamed of their own sexuality then they won’t be fully able to express themselves. Though nudity on T.V. shouldn’t…show more content…
36). If we restrict our own language then our vocabulary would greatly shrink. If a parent doesn’t want their kid to use a certain word than they should explain why they don’t want them to. If the child is left in the dark about the language that they’re speaking, then they might not understand why in the future. If you don’t have a sound reason as to why something is bad or why something shouldn’t be taught to children, then you shouldn’t say it’s bad for them. Children should know why something is censored. We should teach them rather than leaving them in the dark. Censorship isn’t always necessary if it means not teaching children. If we censor what we should know, then we’ll have a bunch of children that don’t know what’s right anymore. Parents and teachers should explain what’s wrong and right from a young
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