Argumentative Essay About Drinking And Driving

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One of the greatest death causes while driving for many years was because of individuals driving under the influence of alcohol. However, alcohol is no longer the only reason why so many deaths are being caused out in the streets while driving. Society is so consumed by this one thing that even while driving it cannot wait. Those who are driving do not understand the danger they put themselves and others in when they give their attention away from the road and everything around them. This small device in the hands of people while driving has caused many deaths in our world. People will always have arguments for either one side, saying that texting is more dangerous while driving or drinking. After reading the research that was made, those who are entrusted while driving might have a different insight of the impact they can cause around them if not being responsible.…show more content…
Both can cause distractions and impairments. These distractions or impairments can cause the driver to follow too closely to the vehicle in front of them or even besides them, not being able to brake in time or wavering into upcoming traffic. In comparison to a drunk driver individuals that texts while they are driving have a 23 percent higher chance of causing a crash. Texting while driving is the same as drinking 4 beers and right after getting behind the wheel and driving. If you drive impaired, your reaction time is delayed because your brain will not working at its full speed, but at least the focus will still be on the road. On the other hand, texting and driving steals away your focus on the road and surroundings. Although you 're brain is not impaired, do to the fact that you have allowed your focus to gear else where, the reaction time will be less effective and sometimes there might not be room for any reaction
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