Persuasive Essay On Illegal Drugs

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Today’s society is infested by and drugs. They leak into many parts of our lives and affect everyone in different ways. It is crucial to define the word drug itself. When the word “drugs” is used in conversation, it is usually associated with heavy illegal drugs. It is important to recognize that legal drugs can also be abused. Drugs can take over people and turn them into someone that is unrecognizable. I believe it is unnecessary to expose our children and youth to illegal drug usage. Legal prescription drugs need to be taken back under control and all other drugs should remain illegal. The word “drugs” covers a wide range of products. The illegal drug problem across the world is an epidemic. People of all ages are being overtaken by these…show more content…
Marijuana is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration which means it is unregulated. Smoking has never been an acceptable admiration of a drug. Also, smoking marijuana can lead to breathing difficulties, increased heart rate, and multiple mental problems. It seems harmless to people, but it is a problem. There needs to some control over it or usage will continue to increase.
Now discussing hard drugs, we find an unsettling amount of usage. In this category we find heroin, cocaine, meth, LSD. This is just a small sample of the natural and synthetic drugs being abused today. There is a huge problem of heavy drug usage in the world today. These drugs become addictive at the first use. They consume the lives of millions. Treatment from these drugs is painful mentally and physically. There are countless risks when it comes to the usage of these drugs. People can experience shortness of breath, dizziness, disorientation, sudden personality changes, and many others. They can turn a healthy individual into someone unrecognizable and self-destructing. The people that become addicted to these heavy drugs will often lose ties to family and only work towards getting the drugs, they can lose hope and start to feel worthless. There is no reason to let these drugs become legal. Usage will only increase and the treatment will become more difficult because the drug will be so readily available. It is an unnecessary cycle that can be
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